Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In aid of Legislation..


President and the SC Justices  are NOT compelled to appear.

If summon by Congress under sec 21, cabinet members cannot refuse to appear and can be held in contempt.
The continuance of such incarceration only subsists for the lifetime, or term, of such body.  Once the body ceases to exist after its final adjournment, the power to incarcerate ceases to exist as well.  Thus, each ‘Congress’ of the House lasts for only 3 years.
In order for a witness to be subject of incarceration, the primary requirement is that the inquiry is within the scopre of Congress powers (i.e. its in AID OF LEGISLATION)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

We need to overcome an oppressor's deception

Oppressors are great pretenders...
I know a leader who masters deception. He performs the abuse discreetly that the victims failed to notice it. He use the tactics and techniques used by oppressors.

Let us use the frog as an example.. If you will put a frog in a pan and hastily raise the volume of the fire, the frog will surely jump out from the pan...
Now, if you will gradually raise the volume of the fire, the frog cannot feel the heat and will die surely without noticing it...So, in this technique he gradually implement a command or order and the people adopted gradually the order without noticing that they had been deceived.   
There are series of questions need to be asked in order to overcome an oppressor's deception...Hereunder are the following:

Who is the victim? - it is very important...
What is the nature of the injury? - it is not merely on physical injury... 
How the victim been hurt?
Is the abuse or oppression continuing?
What is the means or method of abuse or injury?
Who is the perpetrator, and why does he or she commit the abuse? - mostly on the greedy desire of the perpetrator...
Is the person who actually performs the abuse sent by someone else or under a chain of command or authority? - mostly by the strong advise from the husband or wife...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Your Supreme being is the God of Justice

My dear friends, "the battle of justice in the whole world is not fought where we think it is. The struggle against injustice is not fought on the battlefield"... Gary A. Haugen.

We, people, should not lost hope of making the difference. We have the strength to oppose oppression but we lack a sense of hope to fight all injustices. As the saying goes.. "No one can make you inferior without your consent"..

So justice occurs on earth when power and authority between people is exercised in conformity with God's standard of moral excellence.

We believe in the Supreme being. No matter what is your religion or belief.. you know that there is a Creator. That Creator has the moral standard for us to obey and follow. Any deviation of that moral standard is the beginning of injustice.

Everyone of us has the duty to fight any form of injustices by inculcating the minds of the oppressed that still, there is... HOPE.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Why do such injustices happen?

The first question we may ask is, Why do massacres occur?

I believe the reason is because people choose to indulge their selfish and brutal urges to dominate the defenseless. They have chosen to live in rebellion against God or they might have no God at all.How about the Cotabato massacres? Innocent lives are being sacrificed because of so greedy desire to stay in power.

Why does God allow injustice? Why might God permit someone to hack another human to death?

Is it man's free will?

What may be the reason is, I am sure that sooner or later justice will be properly served. The oppressor will be punished accordingly based solely on the offense committed... but how long? or when?. May the people who has the power to give justice to the victims will not vehemently withhold it. They should disclose the truth no matter what. They have their duty to the people, to the court and to the society. My prayer is, may time will come that the offenders will be punished and be jailed up to their last penny.